Louise Howlett, Occupational Therapist
Kaleidoscope OT
Louise is a highly experienced Occupational Therapist, specialising in helping people with Autism Spectrum Conditions to develop skills to live as independently as possible.
Louise graduated from University College Northampton in 2002. She completed NHS general medicine rotations, before moving into mental health services and then autism services.
During her time working in the Aspergers Service in South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Louise was inspired to set up Kaleidoscope Occupational Therapy. Louise was delighted to see how much progress people made through a relatively small amount of therapy. Athough Autistim Spectrum Disorders are lifelong conditions, people are still capable of learning skills to manage the difficulties they experience as a result of their condition. While some of these skills might never be innately understood (such as social skills training), the ability to apply techniques means that the individual is better equipped to deal with their difficulties. This then filters into other areas of their life. 

Louise currently works as an independent occupational therapist, and has been commissioned to provide services for schools (with students age 4-25 years), local authorities and individuals who have chosen to privately fund occupational therapy.
Louise has a clinical interest in Sensory Processing and has undertaken Post Graduate Training at Masters Level in this area. She is experienced is assessing and identifying individual's sensory needs using both formal assessment as well as informal observations and discussions. Louise has a wealth of clinical experience working with individuals and families to develop strategies for managing sensory differences in order for the person to function in their everyday lives to the best of their potential.