Functional Assessments
A funtional assessment involves a holistic assessment of how the person manages their everyday activities and how their diagnosis impacts on these.
Functional assessments can be beneficial for support planning as specific areas of need are identified and recommendations are made.
Sensory Assessments
Kaleidoscope offers a formal assessment of sensory functioning using a standardised assessment. We can then provide support and advice on how to manage sensory differences.
General Skills Development
Kaleidoscope can help a person to develop skills to manage difficulties they experience as a result of their condition. 
This is tailored to the needs of the individual and can apply to all aspects of their life.
Academic Support - Higher Education
Kaleidoscope can support an individual to develop skills to manage the practical, academic and social sides of University. This could be specific skills development, such as getting in a routine, learning how to prepare a meal and doing laundry. Support around social interactions, managing change and social skills training (using a National Autistic Society Programme) is also available.
Kaleidoscope can help with with University preparation, including Disabled Student Allowance Applications (DSA). Functional Assessments have proved to be beneficial to assist with the DSA Interview, as the interviewer has a report detailing difficulties the person might experience and can plan support to address these difficulties.
Kaleidoscope can also liaise with Colleges and Universities around how to best support the person on the spectrum, including use of the Equality Act as appropriate.
Employment Support
After meeting to find out your needs, Kaleidoscope can liaise with employers on how to best support a person on the spectrum. We can offer advice and support around the Equality Act (2010) and reasonable adjustments. 
Kaleidoscope can support individuals to develop skills to become more confident and comfortable being in a workplace environment.
Autism Awareness Training
Kaleidoscope can provide bespoke training courses to help schools, employers and organisations understand how to support a person on the spectrum. These can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.