Sensory Assessments and Interventions​​

Kaleidoscope is frequently comissioned to complete a sensory assessment with a child. We can identify what is happening with their sensory processing through a variety of assessment techniques. 
Strategies and/or equipment to support sensory needs can then be recommended.

SEN / EHCP Paperwork​​
Kaleidoscope can provide a comprehensive assessment, to identify a child's functional needs. Recommendations are provided within the specific domans of an Education, Health and Care Plan. We are also able to review current SEND/EHCP paperwork and make recommendations for any revisions.
Academic Support - Secondary School and Transition into Further Education​​​

Occupational therapy can be extremely beneficial for students in secondary school. Skills and techniques to help a pupil succeed in a classroom environment can be explored and implemented. Kaleidoscope can also help a young person to become more aware of and manage social demands and expectations as they develop through their teenage years.
Kaleidoscope often receives calls asking what Occupational Therapy involves. The simplest explanation is than an occupation is any activity that a person does during their day - be it having breakfast to using public transport. Occupational therapy seeks to identify specific difficulties that are interfering with these functional abilities and then find a solution.

Motor Skills

Kaleidoscope can provide assessment of a child's fine and gross motor skills. Following assessment, methods to develop and support motor control can be recommended.
Visual-Motor Processing​​

Through a variety of assessments, Kaleidoscope can identify how efficiently the visual and motor systems are communicating with one another. This involves assessing how well the motor system produces what the visual system is processing. Following assessment, strategies and recommendations to develop and support visual processing can be made.